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About us

We are John and Marjo Angelico, with children Michael, Christopher, Gabrielle, David, Timothy, Stephen and Thea. We have been home educating our children since 1988, and began the business in mid-1990. Only Michael has ever been "school schooled" - for his first two years.

We are Christians and established our home education from the very beginning upon the sure foundation of God's Word, where are found consistent Scriptural principles to guide us in fulfilling our God-given responsibilities as parents.

As we have developed the business, likewise upon Scriptural principles, we have been blessed to make many friends throughout Australia.

We believe that this Scriptural basis offers our nation a way forward, and to the extent that it honours the Name of Jesus it is possibly the only way, whereas at present National and State leaders are visibly perplexed and overwhelmed by the difficulties facing Australia.

We run Kingsley Educational as a ministry, and have jobs elsewhere which keep us occupied during the day.

John (Dad) is running a lubricants business in Dandenong, in partnership with his brother.

MarJo (Mum) is home educating the younger children, and will be answering your phone calls most of the day. She also works at a coaching college during evenings and weekends.

Michael is managing the stationery department of an Officeworks shop in Clayton.

Chris is working in a laptop computer refurbishment company

Gabrielle is working at a child care centre and gets extra work where she can, tutoring and babysitting.

David is studying carpentry and works at a warehouse in the evenings.

Tim, Stephen and Thea are still school age and their lessons take up most of their time.

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We will tell the next generation the praiseworthy deeds of the Lord,
His power and the wonders He has done
Ps 78:4
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