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The KEPL Catalogue

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Tutoring your Children [Australian][Christian][For Parents] 50g $1.10
Your children attend a good school, but you still want to "keep up" with what they are (or should be) learning, and make sure they are grasping the basics? Here are some ideas for using five minutes here, ten there, or whatever time is available to clinch their learning.

Early Education Paper [Australian][Christian][For Parents] 50g $4.40
When you have little children your hands are busy all the time, yet a moment here and there can add up to a lot of quality input. It doesn't have to cost much or even take much time, it just needs you to have goals. You can prevent boredom, provide foundations for all of life, get your work done AND enjoy family togetherness all at once. Heaps of tricks and tips here!

Early Phonics Paper [Australian][Christian][For Parents] 75g $5.50
Introduce small children to the letters and their sounds so that they can read anything, not just phonetic "readers". Because young children memorise so easily, they can learn pre-reading skills quite early without being pushed. Question/answer format aims to help parents prepare to teach their children about the wonderful world of reading.

KEPL Maths Paper [Australian][Christian][For Middle] 50g $4.40
Our popular paper outlines how to teach basic maths and then drill it using a variety of tools. You can use household objects, make your own drill cards, buy some of the items below, or just do them orally.

Phys-Ed Paper [Australian][Christian][For Parents] 50g $2.20
Considerations in planning a phys-ed course that suits all your goals, needs, limitations, beliefs. Organized sport is not the only option.

Foreign Language paper [Australian][Christian][For Parents] 50g $2.20
Why learn another language? What is the best way to learn? Which language? What curricula are available? What if I don't speak it? Find answers and ideas in this inexpensive paper.

Getting Organized Paper [Australian][Christian][For Parents] 50g $4.40
New revised edition. Getting started in home education; staying in control; what is most important; teaching children of different ages; staying organized.

Mission AD [Australian][Christian][For Everyone] 100g $8.80
An exciting board/card game of skill and strategy. In the course of the game players lay out a map of the Mediterranean Sea and try to make their way to the three Biblical towns secretly assigned to them. The map can only be completed by matching up Scriptures with their references.

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